Choosing a backup solution


Data backup is a crucial part in information technology and loss of this data can grind the business operations to a halt. This process deals with copying the computer data and archiving it so that it can be restored as the original data incase this data is lost through corruption or being deleted. A back up system contains one copy of all the data that is considered to be worth saving hence organizing the storage space and still managing the process of backing up could be a complicated process. These days there are a number of data storage devices which are useful in making backups and they include hard discs, flash discs and Cds. The following are some of the factors that one should consider when buying these backup systems.

  1. The needs of your company. This is the first factor to be considered when looking for a backup system for your data. The needs will be identified by determining the kind and size of data that needs backup and the level of support needed from the provider.
  2. The cost of the backup system. This is another factor that has to be considered when deciding the kind of backup needed. Pricing from the service provider can be a fixed rate or pay as you go. Pay as you go seems to be better as in fixed rate you will end up being charged for unused storage. In this case one should enquire from the provider if they have data limit and whether there are any charges on them. You also need to ask whether they have a policy to refund in case you might change your mind.
  3. Level of security to be provided. Wherever that your data is, it needs protection and one needs to know from the service providers whether they have security measures like users authentication, physical security to this data and data encryption. The data security centers should have closed circuit television cameras, proximity card readers and locking cages.
  4. The reputation of the service provider. The reputation of an organization says a lot about the level of services that they offer. An organization with a poor reputation of course offers poor services and the vice versa. You can get the reputation of these companies from colleagues or friends who use the data backup service.
  5. One should consider whether it is easy to use the data backup system. A back up system should not be complicated to the users.