Laptop or Tablet?


A laptop is intended to be a mobile desktop computer built with enough powerful hardware that can accommodate productivity immediately. A tablet is a handheld device that is mostly used to watch videos and browsing in the internet. A laptop is mostly meant to create content while a tablet is meant for the consumption of content. The following are some of the major differences between a tablet and a laptop.

  1. A tablet is quite smaller than the laptop as tablets have screens that are between 5 and 13 inches while laptops have screens that range from ten to twenty inches.
  2. A laptop can be used when handling difficult tasks while on the other hand a tablet is used for light tasks like browsing and watching movies. A tablet may not be very powerful but due to its size it is very useful.
  3. If you are worried of damaging your tablet and want to use a keyboard that is firmly attached in order to edit or create data or other documents then a laptop would be the better choice as it has a physical keyboard while a tablet has an on-screen keyboard.
  4. The battery of a tablet lasts longer while that of a laptop will not last for long because a laptop will need to power many devices in order for the computer to work which is not the case with the tablets. The battery of a laptop is still bigger than that of a tablet and it can be removed.
  5. Most laptops have DVD and CD Rom which is a feature that lacks in the tablet hence cannot be used to read a DVD.
  6. The hardware of a laptop can be upgraded like upgrading the slots of RAM while on the other hand the tablets do not have slots and still the laptop has a greater memory storage for applications as compared to that of a tablet which is smaller.
  7. The prices of a tablet and a laptop differs due to the technologies used. Laptops come in wide varieties and tend to be more expensive than the tablets.
  8. Laptops have a mouse and a track pad whereas the tablets have a touch screen for all their functions.
  9. There are tablets that have sim card slots while you will not find a sim card slot in the laptop hence makes it easier to make calls through the tablets which is not the case with the laptop.